Kendall Price, She/Her

Hello! My name's Kendall, a translation and localization expert from the UK!!

I have a degree in Japanese language, and have studied in Tokyo (中大) and the UK. I'm also fully casino licensed and love working with arcade hardware!!

I have two years of hands on experience translating and localizing Japan-only video games, and have my own team of translators known as Demon Network.

I have a long-held interest in Japanese linguistics/language, ROM-hacking, video editing, music production, phonetics, web design and even theology!

This is my personal site that serves as a portfolio for my previous projects, and as a canvas for fun stuff that I want to save in a web 1.0 format...

I'm a huge fan of BEMANI rhythm games, especially pop'n'music! Maybe one day konami will use one of my songs for something official...who knows!

For a display of my translation methods and team management/organization skills, I would urge anyone reading to please take a look at the Coropata writeup .pdf that is available on this page!

If you'd like to contact me regarding any of these skills, or opportunities in translation/localization for your own projects, please head to my contact page! Thanks very much for stopping by :)

Experience and skills:
•Office (Word, excel, powerpoint etc)
•CrystalTile/wxMEdit (ROMhacking/HEX editing)
Sony Vegas (10+ years experience)
•Audacity, renoise, hardware synthesizers
•Slot machines, casino management