Coropata - English translation and localization

Coropata is a "Rube Goldberg Machine" style puzzle game for the Nintendo DS, launched in 2009 (and once again in 2014 for the DSiWare shop). Since then, it was only available to purchase in Japan, and has not been available in English on DS... Until now!

Together with the other members of my relatively new translation group, Demon Network, Coropata is available for the Nintendo DS, completely in English!

A full writeup of the translation process, tools used and localization theory is available in a .pdf that you can view here:
Kendall Price - Coropata Writeup

Full instructions on how to download and apply this patch to your own retail copy of Coropata will be available at the patch's page on the Demon Network website, however for those that need no introduction to using xDelta or patching their own DS ROMS, I will also host the file here:
Download Patch

Thanks very much to my team at Demon Network who helped make this a reality after a year of work!