Racing Lagoon - English translation and localization

Racing lagoon is squaresoft's RPG racing game released in 1999, with some of the most bizarre writing and hilarious early 3D work seen in a video game!

The game was released for playstation, but never made its way out of Japan, until it was picked up as a project by Hilltop Works. Hilltop took me under his wing and onboard his team after I mentioned online that I'd also been looking at a racing lagoon translation with one of my friends.

Shortly after this, we began the tough journey of translating this 40 hour long JRPG story; Including cutscenes, in game dialogue, tutorials, items and upgrades etc. It was a large undertaking, and even with an experienced group of translators it took over a year to come to fruition.

Our efforts were noticed by a sizeable cult following that the game had, and the patch was featured in online publications like Kotaku, PC GAMER and talked about extensively by popular youtube creators like "ThorHighHeels".

If you'd like to enjoy this game for the first time in English, please visit the patch release page here:
Link to Download Page